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Conservation Easement Denied by IRS

Establishing a Conservation Easement does not require approval by the IRS. However, IRS must approve if the participants desire to take advantage of the federal tax incentives. This article takes a look at a case where after making a multi-million dollars investment and establishing a...

Conservation Easements and IRS (1).pdf

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PHIT ACT Approved Without Golf

On July 12 2018, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee on Health approved the PHIT Act - H.R. 6312. Last minute changes to the bill removed golf from the category of approved physical activity. Prior to final vote took place, NGCOA undertook a grass root effort by having members call and...

PHIT Act Moves Forward Minus Golf.docx

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Tax Reform Impact on Business Golf

The 2017 Tax Reform bill provides golf course owners both positive and negative benefits. This report released by the NGF reflects the impact of the elimination of the business deduction for entertainment is projected to have on the golf industry.

Tax Reform Impact on Business Golf 4-13-18NGF (5).pptx

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Qualified Opportunity Zones and Tax Credit Incentives, and “Sin List” Impact

The new Tax and Jobs Act created a new economic development tool “qualified opportunity zones.” The program will provide states with designated low-income communities an opportunity to invite public and private investment to enhance the depressed business area. The program will provide...

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Fixing Malcolm Gladwell's Shank

Posted 07-19-2017 09:39 | view attached REPLY TO DISCUSSION OPTIONS DROPDOWN Well-known author and speaker, Malcolm Gladwell, recently released a podcast that was among the harshest attacks on golf we've heard. The second episode of this season's, Revisionist...

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Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act

Congress has moved in a broadly bipartisan effort over the last several years to address this issue with the “Personal Health Investment Today” or PHIT Act. This legislation would allow Americans to tap their pre-tax health savings accounts for physical activity expenses. Golf-related incentives...