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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast Episode 8 - Tommy Lim, Rock Lucas & Whitey O'Malley, CT Shaw

Tommy Lim, the CEO of GOLFZON America Inc., talks about how golf simulators are influencing the industry; Rock Lucas and Whitey O'Malley discuss food and beverage issues including rising minimum wages; CT Shaw of Landscapes Unlimited shares advice on disaster preparedness.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 7 - John Cunningham, Don Rea & Rock Lucas, Kate Moore

John Cunningham, GM, Aronimink Golf Club, follows up on an article in the July/August issue of Golf Business Magazine about hiring using the predictive index; Don Rea & Rock Lucas talk about weather insurance and surviving a haboob; and Kate Moore, who is retiring from the Michigan Golf...

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 6 - Steve Chaney, Whitey O'Malley & Rock Lucas, Scott Pace

Steve Chaney of Shell Landing Golf Club gives an inside look from the July Golf Business Magazine story on building a junior membership program; in Owner to Owner, Whitey O'Malley & Rock Lucas, and Scott Pace of Rain Bird Corp. talks about his company's benefits for NGCOA members.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 5 - Cathy Harbin, Allison George and Del Ratcliffe, and ADA awareness

Cathy Harbin, course owner, on promoting your facilities; Allison George and Del Ratcliffe share their “What I won’t do again” lists; and some news on ADA awareness month and golf accessibility.

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Getting More Out of NGCOA

Presented by Mike Ketterman Are you getting all you can out of your NGCOA membership? If you’re not sure, then this session is definitely for you. Join Mike Ketterman, Director Membership for the NGCOA, for a deep dive into all the benefits of membership in the NGCOA can bring to you. From...

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NGCOA Golf Business - Episode 3 - Rand Jerris, Whitey O'Malley & Don Rea, Mike Ketterman & David Hamilton

Rand Jerris of USGA shares how today's tech is showing us about our courses; Whitey O'Malley and Don Rea talk on Owner to Owner find ways strengthen the bottomline; and Mike Ketterman catches up with David Hamilton about NCCOA's Smart Buy program.