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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast-Episode 25: Whitey O'Malley & Don Rea

In this episode, we offer an extended version of our regular Owner to Owner segment, where golf course owners share their insights on day to day operations and trends in the industry. Here, Whitey O'Malley of Saddleback Golf Club and Don Rea of Augusta Ranch Golf Club talk about the keys to...

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast-Episode 21: Don Rea and Rock Lucas, and George Cooper, Forbes Tate Partners

In this episode of Owner to Owner, Don Rea of Augusta Ranch Golf Club and Rock Lucas of Charwood Country Club talk about dynamic pricing and more revenue management training, flag face-lifts, and why taking time to pay attention to the little things makes a difference to your customers. For...

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast Episode 15 - Melanie Boese

Melanie Boese, Brattleboro Country Club, in Brattleboro, Vermont, talks about her journey taking over the responsibilities of running the course after the sudden loss of her husband. Melanie shares what helped get her through the difficult transition.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 13: Kevin Lang, Del Ratcliffe and Don Rea, Kraig Kann

Kevin Lang of PrecisionHawk talks about the many applications for drones, Del Ratcliffe and Don Rea discuss the latest industry issues, and 2019 Golf Business Conference emcee Kraig Kann lets you in on what to expect at the February event.

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Conservation Easement Denied by IRS

Establishing a Conservation Easement does not require approval by the IRS. However, IRS must approve if the participants desire to take advantage of the federal tax incentives. This article takes a look at a case where after making a multi-million dollars investment and establishing a...

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Simplifying Technical Aspects Regarding Seasonality (STARS) Act

March 2018 : Lack of clarity regarding the employer mandates seasonal worker exemption within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be a problem for the golf industry. Given our heavy reliance on seasonal workers, it is critical that the golf industry have a clear definition of seasonal...

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CWA NPDES Pesticide General Permit

Overview: Golf course operators and their superintendents are some of the nation's leading practitioners of integrated pest management, a philosophy that reduces the potential environmental risks of pesticide usage. However, pesticide users are now subject to a court-imposed requirement that...