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Revenue Generation: 2016 Bright Ideas Bracket Submissions 

04-06-2016 10:54

Discount Buys=$$
Andrew Spaulding, Broadlands Golf Club, North Prairie, WI

Sell golf apparel by buying at a discount. Ask sales reps for samples or closeouts. Most reps have tons of samples they can't get rid of. Many will sell below their cost of 50% off. Closeouts get you better size runs but the discount is usually less. It gives you a chance to easily move name brand merchandise at a discount. Win win for you and your golfers. I am flooded with sales reps offering me deals because I always ask. You must ask consistently to get on their list. You must be open to buying this apparel any time of year. 40%-60% is worth it. Don't be the course that removes themselves from retail sales. We are upscale public and average $10 per 18 hole round in golf shop sales through methods like this. Don't let Dick's or Golf Galaxy intimidate you. Small golf shops can beat them at their own game!


Create Your Events
Brad Hodges, Ocotillo Golf Resort, Chandler, AZ

We have hosted a monthly scramble & yearly Chandler City Championship that we promote and run. in 2015 green fee revenue from these events was $20,031.77. Merchandise revenue was $4,858.93 from prizes, contest holes, and raffle. Food and Beverage revenue was $4,142.10 from Lunch and Drink Tickets.


Season Ending League
Brian Davis, Missaukee Golf Club, Lake City, MI

Many golf leagues end before the end of the golf season. I ran a stableford league where you could play any day of the week but had to play with another league player. It lasted 4 weeks and had a running scoresheet with the points each player had earned. The 4th and final round was a shotgun with banquet following and worth double points. It was very enjoyable and successful and kept many golfers playing longer toward the end of the season when normally there would be a big falloff.


Non-Resident Memberships
Chip Chamberlin, The Country Club of the Crystal Coast, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

If your facility is in a resort area and you offer memberships this is an option you may want to explore. Let's say the Jones family own a 6 bedroom home near your facility that they rent out. The Jones are not current members at your facility as they live 4 hours from your club, but they do play golf there. Why not offer them a non-resident membership in a rental program. When they are in there home they are club members and their children under age 22. Anyone else staying at the house are member’s guests. They would pay the member guest rates. Then let's say a couple rent the property from June 7 through 14, 2016 and they have 5 children under the age of 22. They would be the club members and would pay member rates. Anything they do at your facility they would pay with cash or a charge card. Any other families staying in the rental property would pay the member guest rates to play. A great idea you can use to increase your memberships, rounds of golf and total revenue at your facility.


Fantasy Football Tie-In
Emmett Markulis, Kapalua Bay Course, Lahaina, Hawaii

We all know, the hottest thing going right now is "Fantasy Football" People love it! I'm one of them. What I propose is a fantasy football vacation in September, which is when drafts generally happen for FF. Most leagues are 10-12 players, which means we could accommodate multiple people instead of a few. We put them up in the hotel, hold a draft with F&B, big screen, put owners on the clock, etc. Make it a big deal. Then we facilitate a couple rounds of golf in any team format they desire. This way, we attract three to four room stays and multiple room nights for 10-12 people, and we get that many or more rounds of golf on the course.


Demand Pricing
John Brown, Brown Golf Management, Bluffton, South Carolina

BG Drive was developed to assist clubs with growing their bottom-line revenue 7-15%, increase online traffic and bookings 200-300% as well as assist with growing your database for marketing purposes. This platform is centered around demand based, dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing was deployed to allow our customers to be in control. There are time/quality sensitive golfers who want to play in prime times and will pay a premium for that and we have price sensitive golfers who will be able to pick a time that best fits their budget. The demand pricing is based on over 20 factors from utilization, weather, local events and what your competitions tee sheet looks like. We're able to manage rates across all channels (website and third party platforms). This is accomplished after our team analyzes your third party channels.


Driving Like Top Golf
John Wait, Sirius Golf Advisors, LLC, Midland, GA

Top Golf has been fantastically successful. We can channel some of that success to our own driving range. 1. Create target greens (if you don't already have), 2. Create rings around these greens (either mowing patters, paint etc. 3) Create plaques on driving range with point values for hitting each green and each band around green. This will not only help with teaching juniors, but will motivate individuals practicing by creating goals, and make it fun to compete with friends. etc.


Student Sponsors
Tom Loegering, Sun City Country Club, Peoria, AZ

I will 3200 students free golf during my low revenue periods if they bring a paying adult. My goal is to sell 1000 punch cards - 10 rounds of golf for 150 for student sponsors and 200 for others. We are setting up now to get ready for the summer program, which works when kids are on summer break in Arizona, which is our slow time. Check out the video here: Sun City CC brings more than golf to high school PE classes

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Sun City CC brings more than golf to high school PE classes
Sun City Country Club CEO Tom Loegering has brought his Golf Program in Schools to west Valley institutions like Peoria High School, not only to teach the game's fundamentals but life its life lessons as well. (Video by Lucas Robbins/Cronkite News)
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Gallery Rewards
Michael Karpe, The Gallery Golf Club, Marana, AZ

We took Troon Rewards and brought it to a Club Level - Gallery Rewards. We gave members 1 point per dollar spent on their account in Cart Fees, Merchandise, and Food and Beverage. Dues and Personal Services were not included. If they spent 3,500 with us they were "Gold Members" and got an additional 5% off, and $7, additional 10% off. Just like airline miles, if accrued in 2014 - you received for remainder of 2014 and all of 2015. -2013 (Pre-rewards Program) - $586K in Member revenue -2014 - $1.96M in Member Revenue -2015 - $1.97M in Member Revenue


Dusk Cart
Pete Cavalli, Candlewood Valley Country Club, New Milford, CT

The addition of "Dusk Rates" - Traditionally, Twilight Rates have been for 9 holes up in our area. Our customers have always wanted to continue past 9 holes particularly in the middle of the summer to get the most golf in, but would not want to pay for an 18 hole cart when 18 holes were not always a guarantee. We came up with the DUSK CART rate which costs more than a Twilight Riding 9 Rate, but not as much as a standard 18 Riding rate. We do this all week, with weekend rates adjusted accordingly. The result was an increase in twilight rounds and cart revenue which we otherwise would not have gotten with traditional models. We also added a Dusk Walk after 6PM Rate for those who can't get to the course because of work, yet still want to get a few holes in before dark. This rate is the same for all 7 days. The end result is a lot of satisfied customers with our 2 new rates.


Turkey Schamble

Mark Krause, Muskego Lakes Country Club, Muskego, WI

We have continuous paved cart path for the course. On the second weekend of November we fill the course each day with 30 four person teams using their cars as their carts. For the shotgun start at 9am we line up all cars in a specific order so at start time one car follows the next to arrive at their starting hole without having to drive on the grass and pass one another. All players receive a 12lb turkey and a membership card with a picture showing some cars loaded with clubs. This card is for proof when telling others about this event and allows them in the future when temperature is under 45 degrees to use their car as their cart for a $3 pp trail fee plus the going greens fee rate. A schamble is taking the best tee shot then playing their own ball the remainder of the hole. We pay off random spots 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th and 20th places.

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