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Yamaha - Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles

PROGRAM: Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles MEMBER VALUE & SAVINGS: Members converting from a competitor receive $50 per-car for purchase or lease; Non-members renewing or converting receive a complimentary NGCOA membership. Scholarships offered for Golf Business Conference or TechCon.* ...

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On the Move: Simple ways to accelerate your on-course sales

John Sido, Marketing, Sales & Customer Support, 19th Hole Cart Growing revenues outside the clubhouse is vital. This session explores multiple, easy-to-implement ideas to boost revenues with your on-course, mobile merchandising and sales. Topics include: using the four building blocks of...

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Golf USA Tee Time Coalition: How To Make It Work For You

Presented by Jared Williams, Managing Director, GUSATTC By now, you’ve heard of the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition (GUSATTC), but you might not be sure quite what to make of it. Jared Williams, managing director of GUSATTC, will give attendees of this session a comprehensive overview of the...

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Bloomberg Market Minute with NGCOA CEO, Jay Karen

Jay Karen talks with Bloomberg Market Minute to discuss the adaptation golf is making in today's market. © 2016 Bloomberg L.P. All rights reserved. Used with permission. #Education #MarketingAdvertisingPublicRelations #Podcast #Leadership #Inspiration #EfficiencyMaximization

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The Power of Perception: Using public relations to boost business

Presented by Rich Katz, Buffalo BIG Advertising and social media marketing have their place, but if you’re hoping to get the word out about your business, public relations is the answer. From developing relationships with media to enhancing your image in the court of public opinion, public...

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3 Key Thoughts: Gregg Patterson

Gregg Patterson, former GM of The Beach Club To Gregg Patterson, former GM of The Beach Club, the golf course is all about an experience with nature. And that's true for both male and female golfers alike. Click here on the Accelerate home page and scroll to find the NGCOA Podcast Series to...

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Food & Beverage 101

Presented by Mike Holtzman, Profitable Food Systems Few areas of a golf operation confound course owners like the food-and-beverage department. But it doesn’t have to. In this NGCOA exclusive webinar, Mike Holtzman of Profitable Food Systems will discuss common mistakes to avoid and share menu...

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Using Geo-Targeting to Market your Course

Location, location, location—it isn't just a real estate adage anymore. Savvy marketers understand that geo-targeting through social media (marketing by location) can generate sales from those who are closest to them. #Technology #Webinar #Inspiration ...

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How to Think Like a Social Marketer

Presented by Danielle Barthelemy & Andrew Leintz, Dayta Marketing To have a great strategy, you have to think like a social media marketer. Not just a marketer that uses social media. By the end of this webinar you’ll be prepared to develop your social media strategy with our 8-Step guide....